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Marital and Family Therapy

Families can experience a wide variety of difficulties, including family relationship difficulties, couple conflict and distress, parent/child relationship problems, childhood behavior difficulties, parenting stresses, work/family balance, emotional disorders (depression, anxiety), alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, domestic/family violence, trauma, and chronic illness, to name a few.

Marriage and family therapists are trained to work with individuals, couples, and families to address such issues from a systemic/relational perspective. From this perspective, problems are understood as occurring within a network of relationships (including marital and family relationship systems, school and work systems, etc.), and therapy focuses on the problem, the network of relationships, and the larger context in which the problem is embedded.

I’ve been helping individuals, couples, and families improve their relationships and lives for more than 10 years. My degrees are in psychology and marriage and family therapy, and I have been trained in multiple approaches to family therapy and marital/couples therapy.

If you, and your family, are experiencing difficulties and would like to schedule a consult to see how family therapy can be helpful for your situation, call 328.8523501 or email melissa.pozzo@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. The initial consult is designed to assess the difficulties you’re experiencing, give us an opportunity to meet, and discuss how therapy can help you make the changes you want to make.

How long will therapy last? I can’t give a specific time frame for your situation, but most clients meet with me for approximately 6-12 sessions. If other family members are not willing to attend, or if you would prefer to meet individually, give me a call anyway or email me.

In addition to family therapy, I also offer marital therapy, and work with couples making the transition to parenthood, parents and children experiencing relationship difficulties, families struggling to find balance in their day-to-day family, work, and school lives, and parents seeking to enhance their parenting skills and build confidence in their parenting role.